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One of the most difficult, challenging and painful experiences is having someone who you care about struggling with addictions.  Many times, people with addictions are so consumed by their addiction, that they do not see that importance of getting help.  Unfortunately, they are under complete domination by the substance and that addiction becomes an addicts primary focus.  Figuring out how to get someone into rehab who has not yet discovered how desperately they need it can be both intimidating and frightening!  But, getting them help could figuratively, as well as literally, save their life. This article will cover several topics listed below to give you as much information as possible while trying to navigate through options during this trying time.

Caring for the Whole person

Mind, body and spirit are the key to recovery. We help align all three areas for complete transformation.

Evidenced-Based Treatment

With systems that have proven effectiveness in complete recovery.

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What sets us apart?

dual diagnosis treatment centers

Those who are dealing with substance abuse many times have underlying mental health issues making them susceptible to addictions.Our program will address both issues and will address the issues in tandem with a variety of therapies customized individually.

Clinically Researched Treatment Options

Discovering the best options for your loved one is an important goal. It is necessary to find a treatment center that is frank and honest about their rates.

holistic methodology

We look at the complete individual, their unique personality and needs, and from those factors create an individual program of care. You want to find a program of care that is competent, effective and ethical.

After Care Treatment

Rehab is just the beginning to a complete recovery. Once the patient is out of the insulated world of rehab, they will need support and guidance to stay clean. That is where our continued support separates us from other facilities.

against their will?

Our trained and compassionate staff will help you discover proven ways to get someone into rehab against their will, ultimately cutting anxiety and stress.

coaching family and friends

Friends and family are key to complete recovery. Our trained therapists help educate and instruct to insure a full recovery.

Amenities and Planned Events

Many pleasures in life can enjoyed more fully without the baggage of addictions.

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Identifying the signs of Drug Addiction

First, it is important to identify the signs of drug addiction. To do so, one must be aware of the warning signs of a drug or alcohol addiction. Initially, the changes will be small and maybe unperceivable. Many people experience guilt wondering why they couldn’t have noticed the changes sooner. People who become addicted to substances can become masters at deceit.  As the addiction progresses you may find them acting more reckless or less inhibited than before.  They may begin to make a series of bad choices that are out of character for them.  These bad decisions often result in problems in the workplace or school.  As time progresses, those who have addictions continually deteriorate until you may find them putting themselves or others at risk.  An addict will become focused on money.  Many times an addict will steal from those closest to them to feed their addiction.

Once you have identified the addiction, then it is important to see if your loved one would consider the idea of rehab.  Were this to be the case, call now for more information on how to check someone into rehab.

Unfortunately, many addicts will become angry and combative about rehab.  There are people available called “interventionists”.  The transition will be easier with an outside perspective.  It is indicated by research that up to 90% of interventions are successful in getting the person to accept treatment.

Communicating with the experts 

It is imperative to communicate with several experts to find out the best and most effective treatment options.  Relapse is always a huge concern with addictions. A major difference can be made with the right treatment center.

The best strategy to full recovery is to take a holistic tactic avoiding narcotics unless totally unavoidable.  When drugs are completely removed, your loved one will detoxify and head towards recovery with less chance of relapsing. A treatment center will be invaluable in helping your loved one through the withdrawal symptoms.  There are dangers of detoxing without professional supervision and the withdrawal symptoms sometimes start a relapse.

Treatment Centers with Amenities and Planned Events

Recovery can be difficult and tiring, so it is wise to look for amenities such as spa services.  Spa service allow your loved one to feel less like a patient and more like a person.  Planned events will help to diversify the day, educate, and add fun as well.  These services might include nutrition seminars, beach trips, yoga, theatre, bowling, or even horseback riding.  These activities give a needed break and reintroduce your loved one to the many pleasures in life they can enjoy more fully without the baggage of addictions.