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Different rehabilitation programs (rehabs) follow various therapeutic styles, including holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment. Holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs in Lancaster teach participants how to protect all areas of their health—mind, body and spirit. These programs focus on healing each of these areas to help people stop using drugs or alcohol- truly heal from the inside and get to the root of the cause that leads to substance abuse in the first place.holistic

Holistic rehab programs in Lancaster are considered alternative types of treatment because they don’t follow the traditional model, which focuses on psychotherapy, 12-step programs, and other support groups. Instead, holistic rehab facilities focus on addressing the individual as a whole—working on the mind-body-spirit connection to heal people from addiction. Some traditional addiction treatment facilities incorporate holistic treatment methods as well.

Why Holistic Rehab in Lancaster?

People turn to drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons. Some people might try to relieve physical problems such as neck pain, back pain, etc. Others might try to numb painful feelings of spiritual emptiness, or they might self-medicate underlying mental health issues.holistic approach to drug rehab

Often those who struggle with substance abuse aren’t aware which exact area(s) of health they’re attempting to manage or mask with their substance use behavior, so a program that focuses on improving and maintaining all three areas of health has the best chance of targeting the problem areas so participants can become and remain addiction free.

According to the philosophy behind this type of program, all 3 areas of health are connected, meaning that disease in one area will affect the other two. A holistic program will work to heal each area so the person can continue to stay sober after the main issues influencing substance abuse are resolved.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Rehab in Lancaster

For more information on holistic addiction rehab programs in Lancaster, call our confidential helpline at 844-894-5067 today to learn more. Rehab placement specialists can help you learn more about treatment options and determine if a holistic rehab facility is the right fit for you.therapy for holistic drug treatment

Almost anyone can benefit from getting help at a holistic rehab center. The only requirement for attending is a willingness to achieve sobriety.

Most holistic addiction rehab programs in Lancaster offer some of the same treatment options as traditional programs while offering extra benefits. Some features, such as the detoxification (detox) process, might be carried out differently in rehab facilities with a holistic focus. For example, detox at a holistic rehab may not include medications to ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to standard rehab features, holistic addiction rehab programs may also emphasize:

  • Organic, all-natural meal plans to improve physical health and address any nutritional deficiencies stemming from addiction.
  • Physical activities such as biking, hiking, mountain climbing, or swimming. Physical activity has been proven to not only help increase blood flow in the body, but also releases ‘feel good’ endorphins that will be a welcome natural stimulus during the rehab journey.holistic - yoga segment
  • Meditation/spiritual activities, such as yoga, breathing/guided meditation practices, or prayer sessions.
  • Additional Therapy, such as massage or acupuncture.
  • Alternative types of effective psychotherapy, including art, music, or animal-assisted therapy.
  • Scenic locations in the mountains or by the ocean or a lake. Communing with nature can be very soothing for many patients.

What to Look for in a Holistic Rehab

As with any rehab program, you should evaluate holistic addiction rehab programs carefully to be sure the program you’re considering is right for you. Questions to consider when looking at these types of programs include:

What available treatment options are there?
It’s important to choose a program that has a wide range of treatment options because not every type of treatment works equally well for all people. One method may help a patient toward a breakthrough more than another. And that’s ok. And that’s why having many options available is ideal. A facility in Lancaster should tailor treatment to the individual’s needs. Find out what types of therapy and other activities are offered. Ask whether all activities are required. Some holistic programs allow you to opt out of meditation or other non-traditional activities if you are not comfortable with them.drug rehab CA

How long does the program last?
Several options for program lengths in Lancaster should be available. You may make considerable recovery progress with a 30-day or 60-day addiction rehab program, although some people fare better with long-term programs. Find out whether you can start with a short-term program in Lancaster and have the option to extend your stay if needed. Treatment outcomes are generally better when an individual receives 90 days or more of effective treatment.

Program Locations?
Find out the specific setting as well as how far away the program is from Lancaster. If a holistic addiction rehab program you’re interested in is farther away than you’d like, you may have to weigh the potential benefits of the program against the distance and travel costs. If you have strong sober supports at home and within the community, choosing a local facility in Lancaster might be a better option.

Program Costs?
Holistic programs may be expensive due to many factors- picturesque locations, high-quality food, and wide range of cutting-edge or complementary therapy activities. If possible, get a written breakdown of the costs and services so you can compare programs to find the right program for you. Find out if you can save money by opting out of activities that you’re not interested in. Some facilities in Lancaster accept health insurance, provide sliding scale fees, or will work with you to develop a payment plan so that financial barriers don’t prevent you from receiving help.

What are the staff credentials?
All staff should have extensive experience and training with substance use disorders and have a good understanding of how to treat these types of symptoms along with a professional stance on various situations. Additionally, consider the staff-to-patient ratio to ensure you’ll receive enough individual attention to benefit from treatment.

Is the facility accredited?
Each state maintains an accreditation body that supervises substance use disorder treatment facilities, so ask if the facility you’re considering is accredited. This means that it’s overseen by the state of California, which ensures that the facility is in compliance with state and federal treatment regulations.

Is there follow-up care available?
A reputable program will provide you with an aftercare plan to help maintain sobriety after completion. Most facilities should provide information on support groups and other forms of continued therapy or should help you be able to access these resources in Lancaster once you’ve finished the program.holistic rehab facilities

How to Find the Right Holistic Rehab Program

If you’ve participated in a treatment program but later relapsed, it doesn’t mean that you failed.

Holistic addiction rehab programs are widely available, with varying philosophies and treatment approaches. The most important part of choosing a holistic rehab is finding one that will tailor treatment to meet your needs during early recovery. If you’ve participated in a treatment program but later relapsed, it doesn’t mean that you failed. It just highlights a need for a change to the approach and treatment plan. A holistic rehab may provide the necessary changes to ensure long-term sobriety.

Once you find holistic addiction rehab programs that interest you, try to visit the centers in person if possible. You can speak with staff members and see how you feel about the facility and program offerings. This initial information-gathering can help increase the likelihood that the program will work for you.

For more information on finding a quality holistic addiction rehab program, call our helpline today at 844-894-5067. A rehab support specialist can help you identify your needs and guide you in choosing a rehab program that is best for you. A mind-body-spirit connection for addiction rehab can be a life-changing way to begin your path to recovery.